Monday, 3 June 2013

Take It Easy

Article and Illustration by Pavla Fuertes (undergraduate Social Communication student)

Sometimes I’m in the street, walking with big steps, bated breath, my heart in my hand and this overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety… and suddenly, for a few seconds I stop and think: Why? Why am I acting in this way? Am I running away from someone? NO. Am I late for an important meeting? NO! Maybe I have some outstanding tasks to do?  That’s not true either. It’s at this moment that I realize that I’m inevitably involved in the current modern time.

Everyday dynamics load onto our shoulders the responsibility to be someone in life, making our achievements look insufficient and forcing us to aim for our goals like a race against time, just to show how successful we can be. 

How often do we spend time on ourselves? Just to think, reflect and dream? Nowadays those activities are antonyms of productive life and in this way, negative things that are just for “lazy people”. Our time asleep is probably the one time of the day we have to ourselves, but some of us prefer to “die” for only six hours or less, because time is gold.

But even when you think that you can’t fight this situation, there is a way to overcome it. Just do what you want, and when you have decided what to do, do it all with passion, convinced that you will love it every day, and in this way, the next time that you feel your heart in your hands it will be with the pleasure of knowing that was the best thing that you could do for yourself.

Life is easy.

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