Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Benefits of Inline Skating

By Jessica Garcia Toro

Inline skating is about going fast in skates around an oval track with the purpose of getting to the finish line in the shortest possible time. This is a very complete sport that helps blood circulation and also helps to improve our health generally.

According to the Inline Skating Resource Centre, Dr Carl Foster says that skating is a sport as beneficial as running or cycling. In addition, in a study carried out, line skating was assessed in terms of aerobic benefit and calorie expenditure benefits as just as good a way to exercise along with running or cycling.

Another study showed that skating for 30 minutes burns 285 calories and generates a frequency of 148 beats per minute. Regarding its anaerobic benefits, the study mentions that inline skating offers more benefits since it's a sport that develops the muscles of the legs and the hip, making this a more helpful activity to try.

In addition, two studies carried out in the state university of St. Cloud in Minnesota demonstrated that this sport develops the muscles of the upper part of the legs, the hips, the lower part of the back, and also the shoulders and upper part of the arms, as these are used to swing while you are skating.

One other study shows that inline skating wears the joints 50% less compared to other sports. It also explains that this is one of the least harmful sports for the joints, compared to running for example.

According to Inline Skating for fitness, skating has many benefits such as helping the heart, giving you more energy, helping blood flow, improving muscle strength, flexibility, aiding the bones, internal organs, and developing stomach muscles. Also, the muscles that are used to breath benefit, as the lungs work more. Also, it helps to increase flexibility, especially in the inner muscles of the thighs, which also generates more strength.

In conclusion, skating offers many health benefits for your health. That is why I recommend this sport, because it helps to improve your quality of life.

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