Sunday, 28 January 2018


By Laura Daniela Cortés (FIGRI, The World in English elective)

However, we are still a considerable minority since we only represent 10% of the world’s population, which means people, in general, do not even notice how we are being discriminated against. Sadly, we live in a world almost full of right-handed people that invent stuff designed for the right-handed. No, I am not talking about unusual and uncommon tools. I am referring to stuff we use on a daily basis. Stuff like scissors, can openers, pens, spiral notebooks, keyboards, and more. 

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According to experts, the word “left” is associated with bad things in many languages: the Anglo-Saxon "lyft" means broken, the German "linkisch" translates to awkward, the Russian "levja" is related to untrustworthiness, and some synonyms for the Mandarin word are incorrect, wrong, and weird. In addition, scientific studies have revealed that lefties have worse performance at school and have a bigger risk of suffering from mental problems, breast cancer and sleep problems.

Despite all these awful statements, the most iconic personalities of all time are left-handed and have specialized in different fields. Musicians such as Paul McCartney, politicians such as Barack Obama, scientists such as Marie Curie, sports people like Pelé and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci are some of the greatest, smartest and most talented people of all time. 

Even though we have managed to adapt to this world, this is not the way things should be. Discrimination is a silent disease and nobody cares about it. How is it possible that scissors for lefties cost 5 dollars more than “normal” scissors? How is it possible that when I go to class some classrooms do not even have a desk for me?

Once, I was reading some random facts on the Internet and I found that a man was turned down from a job at an ice cream shop because ice cream scoops were designed for right-handed people. Unbelievable. Moreover, I was checking some twitter account called “RightsInfo” and they were doing a survey of the ways left-handed people are being discriminated against but some people were not even aware that “left-handed discrimination” was a thing.

Am I being too dramatic? Maybe, but I do not think so. Just because I do not get my hand tied up like they used to do with my grandmother, does not mean I should ignore that in India or China those kinds of things are still happening. We just cannot allow this anymore.

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