Sunday, 28 January 2018

Ways of taking care of the environment

By Valentina Escarraga (FIGRI)
In recent years, we have seen an increase of awareness about the environment. For this reason, many non-profit organizations have been created that seek to improve this situation. 

There are even already some careers related to ecology, and there are more people who prefer recycled products and seek to buy items with the least amount of pollutants. Recycling is more and more received both by young people and by adults.

So, let’s look at some advice to be more careful and to protect the environment:

Image result for the environment1. Take advantage of natural light. With some changes to your schedule, this will help you to use less energy.

2. Save more water! Things like washing the car with a bucket of water instead of using a hose will help us to reduce this consumption.

3. Disconnect your electrical devices when you are not using them. This will help by not consuming any electricity at all.

4. Choose batteries that are recharged by solar power.

5. Try to avoid using your car. Traveling by bicycle or public transport instead of the car will turn you into a healthier person and you create less pollution.

6. Choose paper bags or fabric ones when you go shopping. The regular plastic ones create a lot of pollution, since they take more time to decompose.

7. Plant trees, perhaps in your garden, or in some park or reforested area. That helps to improve the city’s air also helps our lungs.

8. Organic waste can be useful. You can help plants by burying this on the soil instead of throwing it into the garbage.

9. Use natural products on the plants instead of pesticides. This is a much more organic way to grow your plants.

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