Sunday, 22 July 2018

Are you looking for the best place to eat?

By Juan Felipe Álvarez (1st semester FIGRI student, level 4 English)

There are thousands of restaurants near the university: some of them are fast food restaurants, while others are traditional food restaurants. People think they can only eat fast food because that’s what the nearest places sell, and they need to eat somewhere close to the university so they won’t be late for class. But this isn´t healthy. A much better option is the “Saludable Restaurant”, which is in Mandolinas street.

People need to change their eating habits, and for that reason, I recommend this place. The owner is so kind with the customers, and she makes delicious parfaits and fruit juice. The best is that all these food is organic, which is healthier that eating fast food! It’s  close to the university, too. The fruit she uses is fresh and she makes all these with love. So, you really need to go there, not only for the service, but also because of the taste. The taste is excellent!

From my experience in this place, I’ve got to tell you: the first time I went there was in January, when I started my university life. I really liked the smoothies, parfaits and the fruit. All the food in that place is delicious and healthier than the food you find on the street.

Why is it healthy? Because the ingredients that they use to prepare the food are organic, so it´s better for you. Also, all the juice has different purposes like detox, anti-flu, antioxidants, refreshing and energizing. This place doesn’t just offer you what I already told you, but they also offer a healthy lunch for a low price, healthy cookies, and more. I recommend everything there, so you need to try it now!

You can recognize the restaurant because it’s a small orange house in front of the Mandolinas university building. They have small chairs next to a white door, and the healthy restaurant is divided into two parts. At the front, you can see the place where they prepare juices, parfaits, smoothies and sandwiches and at the back, there’s the place where they prepare the lunches.

Near to the university you can find many restaurants that offer you fast food and many of them are not healthy, but this one offers you the possibility to eat healthily for a good price. The service is also pleasant and it’s a good option when you’re deciding where to have lunch.

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