Sunday, 22 July 2018

Time to be a Fit Person!

By María Paula Vega Urrea (2nd semester Public Accountancy student, level 4 English)

Do you want to be fit? If that’s what you want, you should do it for your health, but not for fashion. Being a fit person means being well physically and spiritually. The first thing to do is to love yourself, and to want to be the best version that you can be.

This would be an excellent idea for Externado students, because at university, many students have a lot of stress and having a fitter life could help us not only to reduce our stress, but also to have a better body, have good health and be better students.

Here are some recommendations if you want to feel better:

1. You need to eat! Yes: eating six times a day is important, because if you don’t eat breakfast, for example, you will feel anxious about wanting to eat more. We should eat more vegetables and less fats and carbohydrates. Between class, you can eat some fruit.

2. Exercise is very important because it helps to reduce heart problems and obesity as well as treating stress. At university you can go to the gym, take part in different activities that Bienestar has, or go to Alcazar with your friends and do some sport.

3. Don’t forget to sleep. Your body needs rest because if you don’t sleep, you will have concentration problems, your physical appearance won’t be very good, and you’ll feel anxious. You can take advantage of your free time by sleeping in “El Solar” or in the university’s hammocks.

4. Invite friends to do these activities with you, so you have more fun and you can support and encourage each other.

5. Make a list of your goals so it’s easier to fulfil them and you can evaluate your own progress.
My most important recommendation is never give up; always be positive, and do the exercise that you like best. For example, you can dance, do yoga, go to the gym, or go for walks and you will see the results.

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