Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Daily Life within a Man

By Andrés Rengifo (3rd semester Economics student, level 4 English)

On a cloudy day like any other, a man lies tired after a calamitous work day where now his only wish is to reach his sweet home to rest peacefully. The man walks on the sidewalks of the city carefree and immersed in his insatiable thoughts, accompanied by the chaotic sounds of the cars and an immense crowd that together create a cold and dark environment that brings with it the spiritual desolation of each man.

As time passes a small drop of water falls onto the dry pavement. It is the arrival of rain. A feeling of freshness and tranquillity floods the city, as people run hastily to avoid getting wet but the man without any concern walks slower, trying to think that the rain will only get his clothes wet anyway, forgetting that the rain will also make his skin wet. Given his level of unconsciousness though, he has forgotten the pleasure of feeling the rain touching his skin and it makes him feel closer and closer to nature, reflecting at last on the loss of sensitivity of a man who once enjoyed getting wet in the rain.

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