Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting Over Your Ex!

By Nicolas A. Moreno P. (undergraduate Social Communication & Journalism student, level 4 English)

Everyone has been through disappointments in love. In movies and books they are always telling us how to love, how to have a good date, and how to manage every other aspect of our relationships, but they never give us the answer to the big question: “How can I get over my ex?”

It must be mandatory for everyone in the whole world to make a list of steps to get over your ex successfully. Let’s do it.

1. You will never get over your ex if you don’t spend time with your friends. They’re like your family when you’re out of your house, so try to keep your mind full of funny thoughts with them.

2. You have to shake off all the bad things that you’re keeping inside. This is why you need to have a drink and dance with somebody else, but after you’ve made sure that you won’t call your ex when you’re drunk. WhatsApp messages are not acceptable either!

3. Block your ex on every social network in the world. If you see their updates on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll probably just get depressed. So let’s be “immature”, because it’s okay.

4. Let’s take out the trash! What was treasure in the past, is trash today. Put your ex’s gifts, love letters, and everything else they gave you, into a bag and take it out of your life. In fact, burn it if you can!

5. It’s time to make a change! Go shopping, try a new hairstyle, travel to the place that your ex never wanted to go, but you did. Have fun, and get better.

Finally, if you’re ready (and only if you’re ready: please don’t make another mistake), and if you’re feeling good and like you’ve finally got over your ex, start dating somebody new. The relationship world is even better than the last time you visited it, and the big difference is that you’re single now, so enjoy your free time!

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