Monday, 11 May 2015

Rich Teenagers vs. Poor Teenagers

By Katy Barón (undergraduate Social Communication student, level 5 English)

It’s easy for us to judge people just on their appearance and invent answers to questions like: where are they from? Why do they look like that? Or why are they here, and close to me?

We live in a complicated world with many people and no one is the same as anyone else, so it is difficult to be okay with everyone, but that isn’t a reason to make their lives impossible. Nowadays it’s common to see teenagers being rude or annoying others and this happens because they are from different kinds of backgrounds. I mean, is that right? The worst part is that this happens close to us in silence, because we know that these things happen but we don’t do anything about it.

We are too young and immature to recognize the power of words and how they affect people, so I ask myself: what will happen when we understand this? Maybe the world will be better, and maybe many teenagers will see life in a more optimistic way and won’t try to kill themselves.

It isn’t hard for us to be more sensitive when we judge someone. Just take the time to see more than the person’s appearance and try to see that this person comes from their own background.

Maybe if we could do this, we would finally understand and appreciate the variety of humans that are around us, and tolerance could actually exist between us.

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