Monday, 11 May 2015

St. Valentine's Day... Just Another Stunt (Ink online exclusive article!)

By Sebastian Espinosa (undergraduate FIGRI student)

Thanks to Valentine`s day February seems to be the perfect getaway for the partner who is constantly watering their relationship. For others it is a month where love propaganda and corny street scenes give are just too overwhelming. We all fail when getting to “the one”, I wonder if she really exists…or if it is just another commercial publicity to make us buy more clothing to look interesting or to keep on growing intellectually just to know what to say when meeting  “the one”.

You can`t get enough in love…it`s like if you live to get someone`s approval to behave. From morning text messages to long cheese phone conversations and finishing up with that inevitable phrase “How was your day?”. Mom is wise enough when affirming that logic is lost when shooting up on your love dose. Rumor has it, and experience has taught me that it`s true, we all lose our dignity and even being aware of that, we like to make each other feel stupid, we pledge to the idea of taking the “interesting” mask off and showing our retarded persona (real one).

Psychologists and in some cases psychiatrics determine that there is no better feeling than to love someone…however, do we really know what it is to LOVE? To love someone it`s not only to desperately chat or talk 24/7 or to give gifts or even to have climax sex, let me tell you my dear friend that if you think you love someone because you fulfill any of the three patterns I just mentioned, you are SCREWED! You are just enjoying the moment but not literally loving.

Throughout time we have always thought that “the one” truly exists somewhere but somehow exists. It is relevant to say that as long as you have every aspect of your partner well acknowledged and few things surprise you, then you are on the path of truly loving someone.

We all need to stick in our minds that in order to love and know someone we have to love and know ourselves before. Things like the real interpretation of solitude (single-time) give us the tools to value when finding “the one” or the prospect of the one.

Until now it had all come down to stay true to who you are and remain positive. Social pressure neglects the idea of particularities, however, you gain nothing by living what others want you to live and patience is the wisdom of properly and positively waiting.

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