Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Healthy Snack!

By Laura Sofía Grueso (4th semester undergraduate Social Communication student, level 4 English)

There are some people who think that eating healthily is unpleasant and tasteless, but that isn’t true! 

There are many delicious and healthy recipes that give us nutrients and benefit our bodies.

I want to show you how to make a super healthy dessert without sugar or flour.

All you need is yogurt, a mango, stevia and lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients then put the mixture into the freezer. After two hours, you can enjoy a delicious ice cream, one hundred percent natural!

This dessert goes well with peanut butter, which you can make yourself. All you need are peanuts and olive oil. Put these ingredients into a blender until you have a smooth consistency, then put some of this mixture onto the dessert.

I hope you enjoy it!

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