Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to win over a girl’s heart through dancing and music

By Mateo Jaramillo Vargas (3rd semester undergraduate Social Communication student, English through Multimedia elective)

I will begin by telling you about my personal experience with dancing, which was really embarrassing. It happened last year when I attended my prom, which was celebrated at my school. It was all going well at the party until I realized that I had to dance with my prom date, which I confess was hard, since I don’t really know how to dance and really suck at it. Anyway, I danced with my prom date but it was really awkward since I resembled a statue and my prom date was starting to get bored and she yawned from time to time.

You’d think a normal person would sign up for dancing classes after that but I don’t have any interest in dancing whatsoever and felt really annoyed at parties where everyone was dancing and absolutely no one talked. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I prefer talking rather than dancing, and throughout my life I have been fooling myself into thinking that I’m fine with that although honestly I’m not. I want to dance and I want to know people through dancing, connect with them and learn new things.

I’m not really an expert in what people call dancing or winning over a girl’s heart, but I can tell you that dancing is one of the best ways to get to a girl’s heart.

You may ask, “Why is that?” Well, I don`t know the answer but I can assure you that women fall easily for guys that are great at dancing.

The skills, techniques and joy that guys bring to dancing can surely make a girl enjoy herself and have a great time at a prom, party or even a dancing contest.

But let’s be serious. For those of us who suck at dancing, I can only recommend one thing, and that is to sign up at a dance academy where they can teach you to dance salsa, reggaeton, or merengue, among other danceable music genres.

You can also refuse to learn and use the perfect excuse which is: “I don`t really care about dancing.” This suggests you may have a bad time at every party, prom or wedding because you will remain seated throughout the whole thing while you enviously watch your friends dancing with their girlfriends or female friends, thinking to yourself, “that could be me, but I don`t really care about dancing, so it’s ok.”

Let’s face it though; we all know it is really important to learn how to dance because it will help you to become more sociable and outgoing with people, especially girls. It will also provide an excuse to attend parties or almost any social event that includes dancing.

So that’s my experience with dancing. I hope the readers can identify with my experience or at least laugh at my poor dancing skills, which was my main objective. 

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