Thursday, 1 October 2015

Give Pole Dancing a Try!

By Alejandra Santos Andrade (2nd semester Social Communication & Journalism student, level 4 English)

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear “pole dancing”?

Exactly, the most common answer is: Strip clubs.

But pole dancing is more than this. In 1135 AD, Indian athletes started to use a vertical post to do different stunts, so, they could improve strength and flexibility. This activity was called Mallakhamb.

Another alternative perspective is that, after the Great Depression, different carnivals presented their performances, and one of the shows was erotic dancing. These dancers didn’t have space to move, so they decided to incorporate the tubes that held up the tents into their dance routines, and that´s why pole dancing is related with those activities.

However, in 1994, Fawnia Dietrich, a fitness model, opened a studio where she taught pole dancing as a sport, and she called it pole fitness. Since this moment, many academies have become dedicated to the teaching of pole dancing and have opened their doors around the world. Although it’s been difficult to have pole dancing considered as a sport, it has gained popularity, and it has managed, in many countries, to separate the image that associates it with erotic activities. The first pole dancing championship was in Amsterdam, in 2005.

Now, you can think differently about pole dancing. It´s a fantastic way to exercise your body, so why don´t you try it?

Please don’t be discouraged if you think you are too old to practice it - pole dancing doesn´t have age limits. You only need the willingness to learn and also perseverance, because it is not an easy sport. However, if you have discipline and you enjoy it, you will get awesome results. Each session of this sport can help you burn up to 800 calories, and also, it’s the perfect activity to build your self-esteem.

It’s no excuse to say that pole dancing is a taboo because it’s the most fantastic way for you to feel good about yourself.

Bogotá is being invaded by pole dance academies, and you can find one of these in each important city area. The disadvantages to pole dancing disadvantage is that it’s an expensive sport. Four classes can cost 120,000 COP and if you buy an unlimited plan, you have to pay 500,000 COP. However, DON’T WORRY! It’s so easy to get deals and discounts.

Also, last June Bogota pole dancing celebrated “Urban Pole Dance Day,” which consists of walking in the streets and using lamp posts, traffic lights and bus stops as poles.  It was a successful day!

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