Thursday, 1 October 2015

Love in the Time of the Past

By Adriana Victoria Piñeros Clavijo (undergraduate Social Comunication student, level 4 English)

Love is something that makes our heart beat unexpectedly fast, and makes us smile and blush to remember moments of wonder and excitement. The love stories that we see on TV are almost perfect, and I say “almost” because there’s always something or someone that wants to spoil the happiness. For example, in fairy tales, there is always a bad witch that wants separate the happy couple, but in the end, they get the lives they dreamed of.

However, have you asked your parents or grandparents about their love stories? Does this sound like a magical story about princesses? I don’t think so - it looks more like a tragi–comedy, or perhaps just a tragedy.

In the past, love wasn’t as common and possible as it is now. In fact, instead of an evil witch like in the fairy tales, there were the families who were opposed to the happiness of the couple, and this made the romance have some mystery and danger. It was something very tempting, but nevertheless, the consequences were considerable, not because of confronting each family, but because love and passion could be at risk. Sneaking out from your family to be with your beloved was something that made you be cautious and consider the risk that you were running. More than a love movie, it was an action movie.

My grandmother told me that when she met my grandfather, she fell in love with him and her love was requited, but her family was a big obstacle to their love. The truth is though that she did not care much about that. She knew that she wanted him and finally she left home and went to live with him. Obviously it wasn’t easy, and she suffered so much and walked away from her family but she said that she did not regret it because she was very happy to be by his side.

But even if they had risks, romance and conquest were something out of the ordinary. Receiving an anonymous serenade at ten or eleven pm was magical, and getting a simple bouquet of flowers with a note from a secret admirer made the flame grow stronger. Some romantics even waited for hours on the same corner, waiting to see his beloved just for the pleasure of greeting her. These are things that were really worth it!

Maybe those stories aren’t like the fairy tales or the romantic movies that we always watch, but it is because the real stories are more intense and don’t have a happy ending because a lot of these stories are not over yet.

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