Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Canada: A land full of adventure

By María José Plazas Sandoval (The World in English elective)

Last summer and for the second time, I traveled to Canada, specifically to Vancouver. The country of maple syrup and poutine is speechless. Both times I traveled there, I hardly wanted to come back because I found nothing but joy and pleasure. Canada, the world’s second largest country, is considered one of the most attractive places to travel and live thanks to its high quality of life, outstanding education, cultural diversity, but mostly for its natural wonders. From all the countries I have visited I must say this one is my favorite. That is why in this opportunity, I would like to share its wonders, my experience, and hopefully after you read this article, this country would be in your bucket list.

When I first got to Canada, I was pleasantly welcome by a nice-looking migration officer. He was friendly and polite, as all the Canadians I met during my trip. Canadians are characterized for being humble, respectful, and above all, because they apologize for everything. People from over the world, especially Americans, make fun of them for that, but for me, that was one of the most charming things I found in the Great White North. Besides this, you would find a multicultural environment. There are people from Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, especially the last one, or at least that’s what I perceived.

My multicultural experience began with my roommates from South Korea and Germany, Minji and Michelle. Minji, who didn’t talk too much was simply lovely and Michelle was my friend for all kind of adventures. Farther, in my Business classes I met people from Mexico, France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Sweden, Japan, between others. All of them, made my trip a more special one. 

I was also willing to visit all the places I could. Fortunately, in one day, you can go from a nature to an urban activity and both are promising. The combination of this two ‘worlds’ makes Canada a better place to stay. Places like these are all over Canada such as Banff National Park, where you can see the Aurora Borealis in winter. Also, in Vancouver you can go to Stanley Park, a 405-hectare natural urban free experience where you can ride a bike, jog, or have a picnic. At the north of the city, is one of my favorite places, the Quarry Rock at Deep Cove. The view is breathtaking; from the top, you can see the entrance of the sea -the Indian Arm-, mountains across it, and people in their sea kayaks and canoes. Since eco-tourism is getting popular these days, Canada becomes a striking destiny with amazing outdoor sights.

Cultural diversity makes Canada an inclusive country that seeks for equal opportunities for everyone. Moreover, being the second country with the purest air of the world turns nature into a priority. This is just a little sample of the country where most moose can be found. I could keep writing about Canada but I’m going to let you discover it by yourself. I promise, you will love it.

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