Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Tradition of Loving

By Laura Andrea Cifuentes Pereira (The World in English elective)

As the world globalizes, the meaning of the word love and how it is expressed have been changing. It is expected that at some point we will all have a unique meaning for the word. As love plays an important role in various cultures it is also important to understand how it has been expressed through history. It has not always been demonstrated as it is today. Some cultures as the Latin are so close to each other, and so because of it love is shown in a specific way. Society has created some actions to express feelings and what people want from others that have become traditional. But, because societies have been influenced one to another those traditions are at risk.

Today's generation is so distinct from others. It is clear that all of them cannot be the same but speaking of traditions about expressing love we can say that some of them have forgotten the good manners. For example, before, if a man wanted to have a date with a girl he had to woo her and win her love and the respect of her family. Nowadays, couples hang out together for years without even getting to know each other's families. Some of them do not even have an official relationship and still play roles as if they had it. Youth forgot those little and charming details of sending roses, giving chocolates, asking out for a date, those long phone conversations or even asking properly to be in a relationship. We have come to a point where we all make assumptions of every step that the relationship took or that it will take without getting involved for real.

Based on this, I do believe we must try to preserve those traditions of expressing love. Because we live in a world where people get to be with others without a bit of respect. Society has lost its ability to interact with each other, and this can become an important issue. It is time for parents to teach their kids how to interact with the opposite sex with respect and good manners. It is also determining that parents should be the ones who have to give a proper example of how to treat others. It is not bad to be sensible or to be well educated. People need to understand that at the end, it does not really matter what you believe or think about the world. Because at the end of the day we all want the same and that is to love and be loved so why we should not we keep those cute traditions of expressing love?

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