Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The bicycle is the best way to move

By Ana Lucía Rodríguez Gutiérrez (Level 5 English)

Riding your bike is the best way to move yourself to the places you want. It is helpful and healthy in so many aspects. It will improve your physical condition, help the environment and it’s cheaper than a car or a motorcycle.

When you are riding your bicycle, you are working out your muscles and getting your joints stronger. It’s a great way to make your heart healthier and to prevent a heart attack. And, if you want to lose weight, riding a bicycle can make you burn up even 300 calories!

Besides, it makes the planet a better place to live by helping the environment to get wholesome and cleaner. It is no fuel required so that helps to decrease the carbon monoxide and dioxide that contaminate the atmosphere. And if you’re tired of all the car’s noise, the bicycle is super quiet!

At the same time, buying a car or a motorcycle may cost a lot! But the bicycle is more than 150% cheaper. Also, the maintenance of these two is really expensive and helpless to the economy. Having your own bike will reduce your exes because you won’t need fuel, you won’t use the public transport, it will be your own vehicle and the upkeep isn’t that expensive.

After naming all these reasons, we can say that riding a bicycle is great for our body-health, makes the planet nicer and pleasant to live, and will help to our economy situation when we decide to buy a vehicle. So, because of this, I just will affirm that, if you want to move to wherever place you like, the bicycle is the best option to choose.

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