Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Pets as Therapy

By Danny Montañez (level 4 English)

The main objective of the contact among people and the animals is improving the emotional quality of the human being and at the same time,  increase the self-confidence in them, when the people have a pet, at the beginnig is right but it has lost the motivation when the pet becomes adult. Increasing the homeless animals  around our city, but some people do not know that they are used like a therapy have a dog reduced the heart attack, have a cat reduced the stress and anxiety,  more of them are used for the treatments of depressives or people with little interaction with others.

The main animals for human treatments are:
1. Dogs.
2. Cats.
3. Horses.
4. Dolphins.

The main word for this therapy is known as zooterapia where we can consider that people, especially children have more benefits because they perform activities, and games where they learn and change negative attitudes such as aggression, nervousness, anxiety. It strengthens communication, increases confidence and reduces fears.

The best benefits that our pets can provide scientifically proven are:
Greater Empathy, have a focus on what goes on around, Improve relationships with others, to accept others, to entertain, socialize, receive stimuli to the brain and enjoying physiological benefits.
If you have a cat or dog you will have a trustful friend, because they thank the pet food, your love, your cares, and tolerance, they pay those things with full loyalty.

This therapy allows us to strengthen the parts of our body like our arms, legs, exercise our memories, and above all we are going to feel companionship of a pleasant life partner, because it will always accompany you in every moment of your life. Being with our pets lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, increases sense of humor, reduces anxiety levels and diseases. It also avoids coronary affections and is very good for children in the early stages. It has been proven that just having a cat in a house enhances the health of people, relaxes them and removes depression. A cat serves to recover people in stroke cases, reduces anxiety in extensive treatments such as chemotherapy, prevents depression, makes people feel busy, allows children with hearing or speech problems.

Every day we see how there are more animals in this world, where we can take advantage of them to provide a home, love, because like us, they also need to take advantage of every resource that life has given us.

In conclusion, the animals besides being a companionship are those parts of our life that help us to improve our life. In this part is where we must take care of each one of them, because we see in the street many homeless dogs and cats, which we can provide food, a home, and so provide us with a mutual help to improve life and thus help people who you need it.

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