Sunday, 15 May 2016

Children & Drawing

By Paola Stephany Molina Caro (1st semester undergraduate Hotel & Tourism Management student, level 4 English)

When we ask children to draw or paint a picture, they immediately start to create something and they are happy to show those pictures to other people.
However, when adults are asked to do the same thing, they say that they are not good at drawing or start to draw but take time because they don’t have ideas, or because they are nervous.

Most people think that artistic talent is something that people are born with, and so a person either has talent or not. However, I think that we don’t have to be born with a talent to be a good artist. It depends on the years of training, practice and hard work that have played a part in the creation of great pieces of art.

In addition, love is also very important. Most artists are successful because they are passionate about their art – they love what they do. It helps them to improve their ability.

While having natural talent may give people an advantage, hard work appears to be a necessary part of the creative process. In other words, artistic ability can be learned and developing this talent is important because it is one important way to express yourself. So, don’t make excuses, try to be creative today!

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