Sunday, 15 May 2016

Studying abroad is a big hit

By Natalia Quintero Montañez (1st semester undergraduate FIGRI student, level 4 English)

We are so blessed to study at the Externado University, which gives us a lot of possibilities to be the best professionals in the country and also in the world. This is thanks to the opportunity that is offered us in the university to go to study in another country. Internationalization is something that most people are looking for, but not everyone has the possibility to go to another place to do a degree or a master’s.

If you want to study abroad it is important for you to know what options the university has for you. The first one is a simple exchange, which is for the person who wants to learn the language and wants to learn about the place and the culture while studying. If you are interested in this exchange you need to have at least a B1 or B2 level of the language and a minimum average of 3.8, and you can do this when you have finished the third year of your degree. The second one is a post-graduate program. This one is much more formal than the previous one. You need a level of at least C1 in the language of the country that you want to go to. You will go to another college and you will be evaluated normally, and at the end of your time there, you will receive a diploma. When you return to the university you have to finish your degree and when that is finished, you will have the possibility to immediately do a PHD in the country of your choice. You can decide where you want to go to do this program because the university has plenty of agreements with foreign universities.

It is important to study abroad because it gives you an advantage over others when looking for a job. In the world of work, big foreign companies are looking for professionals with good academic bases, and really well-prepared people. If you have a post-graduate and also a master’s degree, and even a PHD you have a good chance to get the job. That isn’t all of what a university abroad will give you though, as it will also change you. When you study abroad, you have another vision of the world, just because you know how the world works. Also, you can chose where to work, you can work in your country or go to another country because you know the language and even better, you can represent Colombia in organizations such as the UN. You can do whatever you want when you are studying at the Externado University. It’s important to recognize though, that if you take advantage of all the possibilities that the university offers its students, you will have everything you want and most importantly, you will be what you want to be. You will make your dreams come true and also your life will be how you want it to be.

For more information about studying in another country, contact the FIGRI Intercambios office:

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