Sunday, 15 May 2016

Does interactivity have an annoying side?

By Whendy Ruíz (undergraduate Media Analysis student)

After passing the horrorific time of 90’s websites, when their content used to be animated GIFs, short videos, lots of links to click and off course the Ally McBeal baby. The web desing became in a beautiful atmosphere ready to 2.0 web. An evolution that allowed the interactivity, understood in this case as a place where you could understand the user behavior via web. But it has increasingly become annoying because people are starting to get tired of such web interactivity. So does interactivity have an annoying side?

Nowadays you can not be calm inside of an app until it tells you to rate it. The platform gives you some options but between them “answer later”, it takes al least one day when it appears again. If you do not know everything about the app it seems not matter and there is one of many times where interactivity does not have an usefully way but it does annoying.

Interactivity robot, suppose the brand that you really like opens a profile on a social network and you could be happy because there will be an interaction between the brand and you. So you write congratulating them for their good service and they answer you something like “Thank you for contacting us, we'll be in touch”. After some days you contact them for a question and them answer you “Thank you for contacting us, we'll be in touch”. One day you are not congratulating or asking them, you are complaining about something and they answer you the same, that is what I called “interactivity robot” because you are not feeling any interactivity and also it is not.

I remembered when the interactivity in games was something amazing, playing while you talk and also share your score with your friends was unimaginable. But then the social networking games appeared, a place where you got lives sharing the game with your contacts. At that time people did not play the game with their friends do they began to leave the interactivity in social networking games because there were annoying interactivity, and also it produced the opposite: a massive blocking notifications games.

In conclusion, I am not saying that interactivity is completely annoying but it is beginning an oppressive concept for the users because it is telling you that you have to rate it not now but later, that you have to talk with a machine who has the worst concept of interactivity and also you have to block notifications massively that maybe they could be useful if given a better use in a 2.0 web. So the final question is are we making usefull interactivity?

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