Sunday, 15 May 2016

Underwater Rugby: Another Choice

By Andrés Felipe Gallego (1st semester undergraduate Economics student, level 4 English)

Sports in Colombia are so monotonous. We are only interested in soccer, and in some cases cycling. Other sports are not common here, and much less underwater rugby.

Underwater rugby is a German sport created by divers who used to use their physical capabilities with mini-games. This sport is played in a pool with a depth of around five meters, and it’s played with a plastic ball. There are two teams of six players (with another six substitutes) and they have to score goals by putting the ball into their opponent’s basket. The team that scores the most goals wins. 

It is a contact sport where players need to have different abilities, like strength, speed, movements, or just controlling their oxygen consumption. The only equipment the players have is their swimsuit, goggles, and the snorkel.

Around the world the sport is not conventional, but there are some leagues in different countries. In Colombia there is just one league which is divided into two: “A” teams and “promotion” teams. 

Through the year there are around eight tournaments in different cities. The best Colombian UWR teams are the “Orcas” and “Castores”.  The Castores are Bogota’s team, and they train in the aquatic complex.

Underwater rugby is an open sport that can be played just for fun, even when the best players also work and study. For people who like swimming, this is a great way to relax and have fun. We need to start promoting different sports and cultures, and underwater rugby can be an interesting option.

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