Thursday, 17 October 2013

Extra-terrestrial Life DOES exist!

By Cristhian Mauricio Porras Vecino  (undergraduiate FIGRI student) 

Extra-terrestrial life has always been an interesting issue for human beings. Questions like “are we alone in the universe?”, or “were we visited by aliens in ancient times?” have been considered by not only common people, but also the scientific community.

A while ago, I heard that Stephen Hawking was saying on TV that his mathematical mind suggested that it is very likely that extra-terrestrial life existed. However, if some day we make contact with them, we have to be very careful because the result could be compared to the time when Europeans came to colonise America. Hearing this kind of statement is frightening, but at the same time, exciting for me.

However, there are some people who say that planet Earth has already been visited by aliens, but the government is hiding information from people because they believe that human beings are not prepared to meet alien life. According to British UFO experts like Nick Pope and David Clarke, revealing that kind of information would end up creating social chaos and general panic.

Another astonishing fact comes from the writer Erich von Daniken. For several years, he has developed the theory that aliens came to Earth in ancient times, stating that there is evidence which supports this idea. A clear example of this is related to the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, because according to archaeologists, the average time in which these pyramids were built is around 20 years. This means that each stone had to be placed in around four minutes. The even more “magical” part of this tale is that the weight of each stone varies from 25 to 80 tonnes, and the stones were transported from Aswan, which is located 800 kilometres away.

Given that, the question which comes to our mind is, “how could the ancient Egyptians develop a project like that?”, or “did they have any previous knowledge that we don’t know about, in order to build the pyramids?” Erich von Daniken suggests that they did in fact have this, but that this previous knowledge came from aliens who visited the Earth at this time. Even with the technology we have nowadays, it would be a tremendous task to construct the pyramids, so the idea of aliens helping ancient people to construct the pyramids doesn’t seem weird or out of place.

Nowadays, there has been some progress in terms of getting involved with UFO information. In 2009, the British and French governments decided to disclose documents related to UFOs, so people can now have access to files that only the Ministry of Defence had. My opinion is that the human race should be prepared, and also politicians should take the initiative in creating an exopolicy, which means the discipline of managing the relations between humans and non-terrestrial civilisations, because the idea of being alone in the universe sounds so arrogant at this time.

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