Thursday, 17 October 2013

Why is music so good for your health and mind?

By Carolina Ávila (undergraduate Accountancy student, level 4 English)

First, I’m going to say that when I was a child, I was definitely not interested in music; in fact, I just thought it was a noise! My parents always played me different types of music and songs from Colombia and other countries. I didn’t care about it much, and sometimes it was annoying for me. However, then I started to listen to the music and the lyrics, and now listening to music is my favourite hobby.

Nowadays I love music. It helps to raise the spirits, and becomes a part of people’s routines. In fact, there are some types of therapy that include music as a source of relaxation and they help to increase people’s quality of life as well as improving cognitive function, motor skills, emotional and affective development, behaviour and social skills.
More amazing still is that music helps to heal pain in some cases because it has the ability to produce endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. This is so good, and helps us to stay more alert during our daily routine as well as developing language skills and helping us to relax.

So what better way to start the day than listening to music? More than just an idea, this article is an invitation to everyone to start to listen and most of all, to enjoy it.

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