Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Spiritual Power of Yoga

By Natalia Granados Segura (undergraduate FIGRI student) 

Have you ever reflected about your inner side and soul? Have you ever had the impression that you do not truly know yourself? All these questions and many others are commonly thought about, but people often leave them as questions and do not search for the answers. Yoga, as a spiritual transition and introspection, offers not only a peace-filled heart and soul, but also a healthy mind. The main objective of this practice is enlightenment, to gain discipline and, as Buddhism and Hinduism describe it, to receive “spiritual orientation.” These goals can be achieved through meditation, because when body is relaxed and you are able to control your thoughts, you connect to yourself and truly gain power and positive energy.

Nowadays, in the globalised and modern world we are living in, it is common to see people who are obsessed with work, alcohol or technology. These trends diminish our time and the attention we dedicate to ourselves. We tend to fill our minds with many topics, events, ant thoughts. Every day, a new illness appears, and common illnesses such as gastritis are linked to high levels of stress. Over-productive machines – that is what people have become in modern life. The good news is that there are ways to control these effects and make a difference.

Just as Brahma Baba (founder of Brahma Kummaris) had realised by the age of 60, anyone can find in yoga the peace that they lack. This man decided to impart his knowledge all over the world, and this idea became a very important project. Brahma Kummaris is a well-known worldwide institution that has led a lifestyle revolution which currently links more than a hundred million people around the world from different cultures, religions, social classes and races.

This well-known institution in Colombia now has ten locations all around the country, and five in Bogot√°. You are free to attend any of the locations, because the engaging part of Brahma Kummaris is that, due to the fact it was created as a free university in India, all the activities it offers are completely free. At each of the locations they offer several activities, and the most outstanding ones are: radja-yoga courses for beginners and professionals, mediation workshops, and conferences with important teachers from the field.

This institution works as a non-profit association that survives through donations and all of its members are volunteers who have completed their formation process at the institution and nowadays teach the benefits and applications of yoga. Furthermore, when I had the luck to get to know their work three months ago, I was excited. I attended the rdja-yoga meditation course which lasted two days at their centre in Cedritos. This weekend completely opened my mind, and I learnt many things about meditation and it helped me to be more aware of myself, of my thoughts and to gain spiritual power. It’s true you have to experience this type of activity to understand how meaningful they are. I invite everyone to be engaged and discover their soul through the great world of yoga. As a free activity, it is the best way to stop by the side of the road, and start building the basis for a spiritual life and a healthy mind. Do not let time or any other barrier of modern life block your spirit and free soul; my invitation is to work on yourself by either trying yoga or any other practice. Be aware that all the problems and worries that people handle right now are consequences of forgetting about the need for introspection.

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