Thursday, 17 October 2013

Why Stay Single?

By María Paula López Moreno (undergraduate FIGRI student, level 4 English) 

Most men and women, at some stage in their lives, have asked themselves, “do I have a reason to continue with my relationship?”, or they simply avoid being in one.

First of all, everybody knows that we have some reasons to stay single. You are wrong if you think that boys and girls can understand each other mutually. They try to do this, but it is really difficult.

Also, both boys and girls are really jealous. “Why is he / she looking at you?”; “Why are you dressed like that?”; “What did you do last Friday?” Hey! If I wanted to be interrogated, I would go to a police department! “I was with a couple of friends.” “Oh! Really? That’s nice.” “Yes, and they are only my friends!” Try to believe this when someone tells you.

If you are laughing or if you remember someone when you read this, that is the reason why you have to continue with your relationship, because if you can understand that even though a relationship might be so complicated, it is unique.

Remember, if we try to understand each other mutually, it is difficult to be able to do this. Perhaps it is even impossible, but this also has value to it, and gives value to everything. Believe that things are possible, and be happy.

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