Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lies: A way to survive?

By Carolina Chaparro Alba (undergraduate FIGRI student, level 4 English)

Sometimes in our lives, depending on the situation, we use lies or show things that we really don’t feel. For example, when your grandmother gives you a present and she asks if you like it, would you answer her that you don’t?

Or, when you arrive at a place and you begin to say hello and there is a person that you don’t like, but she says hello to you, would you also say hello?

Why do people act like that?

Is it to be accepted, or maybe because they are scared?

I think that we must begin a sincerity campaign and not worry about what people think about you. Throw out all the fear that limits your life, and doesn’t let you be happy or be free with your personality. We all have differences, and we need to accept this.

I have already begun my sincerity campaign – what about you?

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