Saturday, 3 May 2014

Animal Abuse

By Jessica Catherine Jaramillo (undergraduate Tourism & Hotel Management student. Level 4 English)

Many institutions help to protect and care for animals, but unfortunately this is often just words. In Colombia, there is little to no control over cruel behaviour that harms animals. People are generally not interested in protecting animals, or controlling the thousands of cruel acts happening every day in Colombia.

Within the main acts, we can see things like beatings, abandonment, mutilation, the failure to provide adequate water, food, shelter, or the necessary care. There are also the “sport”-based forms of abuse, like bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting and circuses.

How much longer will we allow animals to continue suffering from these atrocious acts? Today, it is more common to see animals on the street and this shows that there is no respect for animal life in our country.

To conclude, what I want is to make people aware of animal abuse, and respect the lives of these wonderful beings.


  1. I really liked it, it's very interesting for me because it talks about the importance that the animals deserve. Is important to make aware of this problem.

  2. It's an interesting topic, we have to take care animals they are alive to!