Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Pet

By Paula Barragán (undergraduate FIGRI student. Level 2 English)

Three years ago my best friend gave me a puppy for my birthday, but there was a problem. My mom didn't like dogs, but I didn't care. I called the dog "Duff", like the beer on The Simpsons.

At the beginning, it was difficult because we had to teach Duff, but every day he damaged things all over the house. My mom wanted him out of the house but as time passed, the dog learned to be well-behaved and obedient and my mom was more loving, as she shared time and went out to the park with him.

When Duff was a puppy I remember that he broke my favorite vase so then he was punished. He couldnt go on the bed for a week. Duff didn't like it when it rained because the winter was cold and he crawled under the covers.

Today, Duff is a smart and well-behaved dog, although sometimes he damages some little things.

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