Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Society We Live In

By María Alejandra Rodríguez Vargas (undergraduate Tourism and Hotel Management student. Level 6 English)

Have you ever seen someone covered with tattoos or someone with a weird hairstyle or clothing and just walked past them without having a million thoughts inside your head, wondering why they decided to look that way? I’m pretty sure that we have all done this at some point, and some of us even keep on doing it.

The question is “Why?” Why do we all get shocked and surprised by them? Well, the answer is not that hard to guess. It’s because we are not used to it. We are not used to seeing someone breaking the mold, and being different from what we know. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems in society.

It is well-known that to be accepted by society, people need to follow certain “rules”, which define the ways that we should behave in order to be accepted. The issue is that not everyone sticks to the rules. Some people decide that it’s better to stay true to how they are instead of trying to fit in. The problem starts when society realises that these people are not like the rest, that they don’t follow the established patterns, and when this happens, society just pushes them away and alienates them.

This attitude towards people who look different is what causes trouble and discrimination, because not everyone is open to new things. Not everyone understands that being different doesn’t mean that it’s bad; it’s just different, and until we understand that, we’ll keep on being stuck in this judgmental society.

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