Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Eskimo and his Particular Love Story

By Duvan Darío Borda Basto (undergraduate FIGRI student. Level 2 English)

There was once an Eskimo living in the North Pole. His house was an igloo. One great day, he decided to walk and walk, and after taking many steps in the snow, he suddenly found another igloo. That igloo was very unusual. It was completely solid and made of clear ice. Inside it was a beautiful woman. This woman looked perfect through the ice. She had blue eyes that were perfectly visible from far away. The woman had been there for so long, and the Eskimo really wanted to be the one to take the woman out of her igloo, but he did not know how to break the ice. He tried once, then twice, and it looked like he could not try any more. The Eskimo loved this woman, and wanted to give everything to her.

The Eskimo was tired of trying to break into the igloo, so he returned home. He thought that if he went and rested at home, after a few days he could try harder to break the ice and win the love of this beautiful woman. After a few days of rest, the Eskimo went to look for the lady. When he arrived, he saw the woman he loved with another man who had managed to break the ice.

Moral: Do not let that person you care for get away because you don’t know how to break the ice.

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