Saturday, 3 May 2014

Powder-Puff Girls

By Nicolás Ricaurte Gómez (undergraduate Social Communication student. Level 4 English)

All contact sports have a degree of roughness, but it doesn’t mean that women can’t practice them. For example, physical sports like rugby can be practiced by women. Here are some examples of super girls:

Camila Mantilla is a student, and she is 19 years old. She is studying sociology in the National University of Colombia but her great passion is rugby. She has played this sport since she was 9 years old, and, since this moment, she knew that she would be an excellent rugby player. Although she has represented Colombia in the national women’s rugby team, she hasn’t won anything internationally. However, with Buhos, her team in Bogotá, she has won 3 national trophies. Finally, it is worth highlighting that Camila hasn’t lost her beauty and tenderness through playing rugby.

Another example is Laura Chaux, who studies engineering in the Libre University, but, since she can remember, has played football. She loves this sport with all her heart and dreams of being a professional football player. Since 2004, Laura has won the award for the best player of her category. Football is an integral part of Laura’s life, and different teams in the USA have asked her about signing for them, but nothing has been finalized yet. Laura will continue to represent her country with the national team, and hopes to be able to fulfill her dreams.

These examples show us that it isn’t necessary to be a man to play physical contact sports, and to take part in these sports, the most important thing is to want to participate. Finally, on a personal note, I think that it is also important that women don’t lose their tenderness. They should be women in their normal lives and strong women on the field. 

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