Sunday, 4 May 2014

Imagine and Build the Future

By Daniel Felipe Bohórquez V (undergraduate FIGRI student. Level 2 student)

Imagining the future is not easy, because some people are afraid of being wrong or talking too much. It is something that surprises us constantly and we would like to know about it, so we can find the solution to some of our problems.

Imagining the future is an exercise that lets us grow constantly. As we know, technology goes hand in hand with progress, so why don’t we imagine the technological revolution? This is similar to the industrial revolution years ago: an age of positive changes for human beings and the planet as well.

Technology will always be accepted because it helps us to save time, simplifies our work and generates a certain order. It is something that we use constantly.

The future is something that we can’t stop, and it always generates the question, how are we going to be tomorrow, or next year? How will our personal lives, or our economy change?

Trying to imagine a better future for ourselves, means building a better tomorrow for society and the world.

Imagination has no limits, and it always lets us grow.