Saturday, 3 May 2014

Tennis: More than a lifestyle

By Gabriela Vasco B. (undergraduate Social Communication student. Level 4 English)

The sport of tennis is all about feeling, and great players achieve in it without getting frustrated. They accept the facts, and adapt their tactics to allow them to play to the best of their ability in a particular situation. They do not give up, but fight to the end with everything they have and they give the best of themselves regardless of the outcome.

Now, the question is whether people are born with this strength, or can it be trained? In my opinion, it is trainable. As some people say, talented players possess a special ability to perform particular tasks, and they are determined to succeed. Success is achieved by hard work and sacrifice. You have to love training for the sport, and know how to persevere in your efforts.

The secret is to keep trying every day and always make an effort, because you love what you do, and not because you are expecting a reward. The conviction that you can accomplish your goals means that you give the best of yourself regardless of the circumstances. You accept no excuses, and learn to respect and be respected by others.

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