Friday, 7 November 2014

Bici Externado: A different way to come to university

By Natalia Reina (undergraduate Economics student, level 4 English)

Externado students are always thinking about how many people are on the bus with them in the morning when they’re on their way to university, and also about the terrible traffic jams when they are coming back home. However, many people at university don’t know about Bici Externado, a new way that our students are helping each other to come to university by bike.

The idea is that there is a route which is organised by the students together and in this way every morning you can join the route at whichever point along the way is closest to your house.

This is a great idea to prevent thefts and at the same time, you can spend time with students from various different Externado faculties. Of course, as well, you are also doing exercise and helping the environment!

One of my friends told me that the people on the route are very friendly and it’s full of enthusiastic students who have decided that Bici Externado is a good option for them. About 30 students are currently part of Bici Externado, and they meet in specific places, at specific times: for example, at Corferias at 6.10am.

You can find more information about this new idea on their official Facebook page: Bici Externado.

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