Friday, 7 November 2014

First day in Colombia after the World Hip Hop Dance Championship - Las Vegas, Nevada

By Laura Pava (undergraduate FIGRI student)

I’m here sitting in a classroom, listening to everyone talk about the homework they didn’t make, the financial analysis of an enterprise and what are they going to have for lunch… what they don’t know is that my head hasn’t arrived from the United States. I can’t stop dancing in my mind, so I put on my headphones and start humming “Love never felt so good” by Michael Jackson. 

 There are two types of persons in this world, those that when they arrive from a trip show everyone their photos, talks a little about the experience and continue with their normal life, and those that stay with mental disorder for about two weeks more, thinking and feeling that they are still on the trip. 

 I look down and see my red Hip Hop Vlado shoes and realized I’m part of the second group. 

Traveling to Las Vegas is amazing by itself but being there representing my country – you have to agree with me – is difficult to overcome. The strange thing is that when I think about the city, I don’t remember the great lights, the casinos and not even the famous strip, unlike I remember the hotel’s lobby, the places where we rehearse and the scenario where we saw the best Hip Hop dance crews of the world.

I was under 21 then you might wonder - "who in this world travel to Las Vegas being a minor?!?" - and that is right, I couldn’t even get a beer while I rehearse, but that’s ok, I went to the craziest city in the whole world to drink Mountain Dew. 

We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel, Resort-Casino-Spa, I repeat, RESORT-CASINO-SPA and what did we use? The lobby and the halls to rehearse, I didn’t even get to enjoy the most fabulous pool I’ve ever seen, but that’s fine I danced next to the casino – before they ask me to go-, ate a hamburger in front of the professional betting area, and for you to envy me more, I saw the “Caesars Palace” when the movie “What happen yesterday” was recorded but I couldn’t enter because I had to take another dance workshop. So, that’s right.. I didn’t get to know real Vegas, I don’t have a lot of pictures of the casinos or a t-shirt, I didn’t get to bet nor drink a margarita and I didn’t get crazy and drunk. I went to Las Vegas to get to know Pacman, Parris Goebel, Shaun Evaristo, Ian Eastwood and Bryan Puspos I traveled to watch Royal Family dance, to cry with my crew when we go up on the stage and learn how to be a better professional. 

 My body still feels the adrenaline when I remember the words “And representing Colombia, please welcome, D-three” and the moment when we stand on the famous scenario of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. 

 Maybe it is not the ideal travel for everyone, but is the ideal experience for a dancer. 

 I stand up. The class is over. I can´t walk normally then I continue dancing through the stairs while everyone looks at me in a weird way … Dear students and colleagues I’m sorry but I will have this mental disorder for about a week more, maybe a month or maybe a year, but if you see me dancing around the university you should know I have no problem with you joining me.

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