Friday, 7 November 2014

Skateboarding is not a Crime!

By Juan Sebastián Gaitán Cortes (undergraduate Accountancy student)

In many places around Bogotá, skateboarding is not allowed because some people have bad impressions about this lifestyle. The problem is that there are only a few skateparks and places where you can do this sport, and it’s hard for skaters to have to look for places where they can enjoy this activity. Sometimes, even when skaters find a place, people call the police to kick them out!

June 21st is a special day for skateboarding in Bogotá: on this day all the skaters in the city go to the city centre and ride through the streets until they arrive to the “Nacional” Park. However, in the afternoon, the police go to the park and kick out the skaters and argue with them.

I think that the best solution would be to make more skateparks and places for skaters to do this sport, and so that they can avoid problems with the police and other people. This would be a great idea because skateboarding has many benefits, and if the government promotes skateboarding, lots of people will have healthy lives, because when you do this sport, all the time you’re jumping and doing a lot of exercise while you ride.

Also, it would be a good solution for young people to leave their electronic gadgets at home and go do some exercise and socialise with their skater friends. When you go skateboarding, you can leave all your problems behind you, and find a great way to enjoy your free time.

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