Friday, 7 November 2014

Why does Bogotá need Broadway Plays?

By Juan Pablo Martínez (undergraduate FIGRI student, level 4 English)

Some of the greatest experiences are capable of changing your whole life for one moment, and plays are able to do this.

Bringing over some of these plays would maybe show us in Bogotá some different cultures that could improve the way that we look at this kind of art. Culture is a very important thing for our lives, and people who don’t like to read should find different ways to appreciate it.

One case is “Les Miserables.” This tragic musical is charged with drama and music, and has many fans around the world. It’s about a man who steals some bread for his nephew, and when he is running away with the bread, the police catch him, and put him in jail. Because of this, he then has to serve a jail sentence of fifteen years. When he gets out of prison, he decides to be a better person, and he forgives all the people that have hurt him.

He goes to a beautiful town and some time later, becomes the mayor. One day he walks through a street full of prostitutes, and he sees one woman crying in the street because she has a terrible life. He takes her to a hospital, and she tells him that she has a child, but she is dying. After this, he travels to another town to find her. He discovers that she is so famished and he decides to adopt her.

It’s a great story that teaches us about different kinds of lives.

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