Friday, 7 November 2014

Story of a drug addiction

By Pablo Gomez Ayerbe (undergraduate FIGRI student)

Let’s begin by telling this is not a personal story but of my best friend. Our story together began in school two small brats that had just left the nest and thought they could take the world on their shoulders. we were both driven by the obligation that we had to change the world we were political addicts always thinking of the best that we could do to help society, but don’t worry this story is more interesting than two kids with an addiction to politics, this is a more obscure and dark addiction, one that is harder to forget.

As two 14 year old ignorant boys we didn’t have the educational bases to be able to orientate our ideas in a decently coherent way. I for one started getting involved with social rejects which further on I would introduce to my friend. My friend, on the other hand, began to look towards music that only showed hatred and disgust towards everything. I don’t know about you but I think this is a rather bad combination. The Funny thing about this story rejects attract other rejects. Both of us had the same name, long hair, bad ideas, well you get the point.

Time went by and both of us got more and more involved in this subculture known as “punks”; each time the people became more and more social rejects with more bizarre looks than the last one. My friend and I were both from good schools and well positioned families and we were both in the wrong place. For me this lasted more or less one year, and I managed to have some badass “friends” if you can call them that; but my friends involvement, with this subculture took him deep in for at least 2 years if not more, after the first year is when everything began to get more and more gloomy.

After I left this life style, and decided to go towards a more posh life style my friend and I drew considerably worlds apart. He left school and stopped talking to all his long life friends, and that I when the real addiction began, the addiction to drugs. First he began with hard liquor, then some other type of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine but his real favorite time drug was glue, more commonly known as Boxer. This is used by people on the street to forget about their hunger, but my friend wasn’t in need of that he had a good home to get to; he only had really bad influences and made stupid life choices what a better combination than that to end up in rehab.

It wasn’t easy to get my friend into rehab; it took a lot of bad things to happen, especially the threat of being thrown into family care, for him to reconsider the idea of being put in rehab. Time went by; to be precise 6 months went by. A process in which I and almost all our friends accompanied him through. Now a days I can say proudly that he has completely recuperated doesn’t consume absolutely anything and has a scholarship at his university, after all sometimes life does forgive and we can have a second chance.

One small detail I forgot to mention is that I left that world because I noticed that it was no necessary to dress or act like a clown to have a political ideal or an interest to help society, besides the fact that with that way of dressing how was I going to find a girlfriend ever.

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