Friday, 7 November 2014

The Fantastic World of Photography

Article and photograph by Yuli Andrea Robles Gordillo (undergraduate Social Communication student, level 5 English)

Colombia, a dream! By: Yuli Robes .Youth Award II- Fine arts on the photography contest Fotofauna XXVI 2014.
It’s easy to see that some people consider photography to be just a technical tool; in fact, many people believe that photography is something simple. For example, my dad uses a camera only for family photos, and uses a photo only for his identity card or his passport, but photography goes beyond that.

Photography is a technical tool, but it is also so much more than this. Through time, this has been one of the best ways of expression, which shows our imagination and creativity, a creativity that is possible to reflect with this art.

Photography is as special as a book, but it is also different! Have you ever seen a photo that transports you to another amazing time? This is the most important factor in photography: it helps us not to forget our special memories, whether these are good memories or bad memories.

In the same way, Photography has presented news and important situations for humanity. Photography has made history, has made families, friends and societies, but more than all this, photography has the unique and wonderful possibility to freeze time forever.

On the other hand, theory and technical concepts are important and in some cases difficult, but in my own experience I can tell you that the most significant aspect when you want to take a photo is that you love the place, person or thing that you will take a photo of. With this beautiful art, you can learn to see the true essence of existence, and you can appreciate all the simple but indispensable details of your life.

Definitely, photography is the best option to appreciate your life, to relax and to show all your talent and love for all the wonderful gifts that are around you!

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