Friday, 7 November 2014

My Opinion: Riches and Poverty

By Laura Catalina Castaño A. (undergraduate Accountancy student, level 4 English)

We can see that in a country like Colombia, there are many riches, but we have such high indexes of poverty and inequality.

The mining and energy industries produce a lot of money for the country, but paradoxically the people who live here often live in a terrible way. The Government believes that mining can make the country into a rich place, but this isn’t true. You just need to look at the history of this, for example in African countries.

I think that extraction and exploitation of natural resources is the worst thing that the Government can decide to do, because that leads to many problems for the environment. For instance, this will cause water and air pollution because these industries throw away the most dangerous substances and by-products into the heart of the population. While the industries get a lot of money, the population doesn’t receive anything in return.

Our resources are used by other countries with a strong industry and we lose our riches and destroy our country. Do you really think that the money is enough, considering the results?

What do you think about this?

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