Friday, 7 November 2014

The Day I Made a Change

By Daniela Orjuela (undergraduate Business Administration student, level 2 English)

I open my eyes to a new day, a day which I don’t know anything about. I get dressed and then I say goodbye to my family and I take a bus. The bus window is full of raindrops this morning. I can see the little shadows on the other side of the window, so I decide to look into the bus. Near to me there is a woman sleeping; I continue to look and I see some people standing, some of them listening to music. Other people are talking on their cell phones, while others are talking to other passengers and other people remain silent.

I arrive to university, and I go to my first class. Everything stays the same as always, but today the teacher starts his class in a different way. During the two hours of class, he speaks to us about the changes in the world, encouraging us with the phrases of great people from history. Then he tells me the following sentence: “Anybody can make a change.” That phrase really made me think all day.

Returning home on the bus, I met with different people. Something caught my eye when an old lady climbed onto the bus and no-one gave up their seat, so I did. How is it possible to change the world if people don’t make a change? We only blame the government for the situations in our country, when we need to be aware of our actions and try to contribute to change.

It is just necessary to be proud that we are the children of the privileged country called Colombia. We are united through football, but we must also be united through other things.

“Everyone wants to change the world, but no-one thinks of changing himself.”

Leon Tolstoy


  1. Daniela,
    Congratulations, your article is very emotional. We think your worde are very true and everyone has to have them present.
    Carolina y Daniela

  2. The article is very good because it caught the reader and highlighted good stuff of Colombian people. Alejandro y Tomás