Thursday, 4 May 2017

13 Going on 30

By Estefanía Vargas Galvis (level 4 English)

This film, 13 Going on #0, was directed by Gary Winick. The film has won important nominations and three interesting awards: a Teen Choice Award, a People's Choice Award, and an MTV Movie Award in different categories.

It's a romantic comedy fantasy film. The film was produced by Revolution Studios for Columbia Pictures. It was released in 2003 and the location was LA, California.

Jenna Rink, a girl who wants to be popular, invites the most important people in her school to a party. She promises to do their homework if they all attend. However, they set a trap for her and she feels disappointed with her life.

She wishes to be 30 years old and her dream comes true. In this moment, she starts to return to get back her past life and her best friend.

I strongly recommend 13 Going on 30 because it has an amazing soundtrack and can make you feel that mistakes aren't bad for your life. You need to learn about them!

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