Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to survive at Externado

By Angie Yuliett León León (3rd semester Public Accounting student, level 4 English)

Many of us know that the transition from high school to Externado isn't so easy. Adapting is never simple. And it becomes harder when you listen to all the stories and myths that surround this stage of your life. This is why this advice will be really useful for you.

1. You must know the place where you are going to study
This is the way you avoid being late. You won't embarrass yourself, and especially you won't fall for the typical “primiparadas” that first-time students at university can experience.
So… make sure you explore Externado and know how to get to your classes.

2. Have a good place to study and do your homework
If you create a clean and tidy environment conducive to study, without distractions, you can do your tasks while optimizing your time and allowing your mind to be clear and ready to learn.
So… try to have a clean desk with a comfortable chair and a lamp to read and do your homework. You will spend a lot of time in this place!

3. Manage your time
It is not a good idea to study all the time. You have to learn to divide your time between activities that you like and ones you have to do. Spend time with loved ones and study, but make sure you distribute time in the right way that allows you to do everything.
So… make a schedule. This will help you manage your time in the best way and remember not to leave all your obligations to the last minute.

4. Get support from teachers, tutors and administrators
They can be good allies on this path. If you have any problems, do not wait. They will help you to improve, but remember that they will only do it if you overcome your fear and ask them.
So… go to your faculty and ask about the tutoring and assistance available for what you need.

5. Participate in extracurricular activities offered by the university
Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the different activities offered by your university. They will give you unforgettable experiences that will make you grow as a person. This is in addition to meeting new people and spending your time on something that you like.

So… if you're good at a sport or you want to learn something new, or maybe do something you’ve been afraid to try, go to the Externado welfare office and you will find out about all the activities that you are missing.

These are some advice that will help you survive and enjoy your time at university. But don't forget that what you really have to do to survive and fulfill your goal is to study a programme that you really love.

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