Thursday, 4 May 2017

If I had a lot of money

By Harold Andrés Moyano Niño (Level 4 English student)

If I had a lot of money, I would buy a huge house surrounded by tall shrubs. The house would be on the outskirts of the city. Maybe, it could be in Holland. The house wouldn't be located in the city centre because of the traffic and the parking spots, but it wouldn't be situated far from downtown.

My dream house would have two floors with a terrace, a big garage and a blue swimming pool bordered by a garden full of plants and trees, and a path of pebbles that would lead from the main gate to the main door of the house.

Inside the house, there would be huge French windows with long curtains and stylish furniture. On the first floor, there would be four bedrooms with huge beds and spacious wardrobes, and two bathrooms (one of them with a jacuzzi). The kitchen would have a two-door fridge and a stove with an oven. Also, there would be a living room where friends could visit. This would have big sofas and a giant TV where we could watch movies.

On the second floor, there would be a games room where I could play with my friends and my family. There would also be another bathroom, and office where I could work and study, and finally a little room where I could do exercise. This would have several machines and a good stereo to listen to music while I work out.

The terrace would be on top of the house, with shade from the sun and a tanning area.

It would not be a house just for me, but also for my wife and our children.

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