Thursday, 4 May 2017

Trump’s measures in his recent days of government

By Laura Camila Morón Herrera (1st semester FIGRI student, level 3 English)

Recently, the world has to come to terms with a new American president who makes controversial decisions that have global consequences. One such example is the Immigration reform, introduced last Monday, which forbids entry to the USA to people coming from seven majority Muslim countries, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Somalia; this legislation also reduces the number of permitted refugees and Green Card holders from these countries.

In the first place, this topic has been of great shock for the world because it clearly exposes an order which is prepared to attack fundamental human rights.  It also ends up being unconstitutional; the federal demands have been multiple; however, it is the majority republican congress that makes decisions.

Nevertheless, the most important part of this case are the refugees and immigrants that have been affected by this policy, and the deplorable situation they have been put into. Aside for being a war on refugees, migrating to western countries often results in discomfort and a feeling of unworthiness as a result of culture clash and bigotry, added to this, there is the the process of adopting a new model of society. Looking at it from the point of view of these people, and not forgetting the immigrants that have a green card or even nationality, we are looking at a constitutional problem that violates the rights of the American population and also breaks international treaties such as the Geneva Convention.

Trump has sought to change the image of the USA in front of the world, closing its doors to those he considers an imminent danger to the nation, with his measures being completely the opposite to those his nation professes in its constitution. His objective of fulfilling his campaign promises, and his promise to “make America great again”, have turned into a declaration of war against the vulnerable, but at the same time, this might be an effective fight against terrorism that could possibly lead to Trump becoming an American hero.  

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