Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Dream House

By Juliana Guerrero Mejía (1st semester Hotel Management student, level 4 English)

My dream house would be in Italy. I’d have a vineyard and make some wine to sell in town. I’d probably live with my husband, two dogs and three cats. It’d be a small house, but luxurious, with all the necessary stuff for living.

We would have two cars to go to town because we’d live far away from there. I’d travel all around Europe selling wine and visiting friends.

The house would have a wonderful kitchen. I love to drink some wine while I’m cooking. Our living room would have a big TV and a great sound system to watch our favourite movies. Also, the house would have a pool for the summer and a BBQ. It would have two bedrooms: one for us, and another one for guests.

I really love to cook, so that’s why I’d invest more in my kitchen. I’d buy all the new high-tech appliances for the kitchen and the best and most beautiful tools that are on the market. It would also have all the utilities, plus internet and cable TV.

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