Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why do you have to visit Villavicencio?

By Ana Lucía Jiménez Cañón (1st semester FIGRI student, level 4 English)

Many people that live in Bogotá have visited Villavicencio yet, but they don’t know how is the importance of visit Villavicencio. First I should say that Villavicencio is so near to Bogotá, the weather is hot, but sometimes it’s cold, it’s delicious. Also, Villavicencio is a place that have the commodities of a city, like malls, and the rural commodities too, like ride horses, bathe in rivers and others.

Why Villavicencio is an important city? Villavicencio is known like the plaid door, with many cultural riches, in landscapes and traditions. The importance to visit Villavicencio is to know the culture, learn about to dance Joropo, a beautiful dance of which we do the international Joropo tournament. It riches includes the food, a delicious meet better known as mamona and a soup call sancocho. 

The best experience that Villavicencio can offer you is that is so near to Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world, which has 5 colors, yellow, blue, green, red and black. There you will see plants, rocks and sand. But you must visit it in the appropriate season to enjoy this wonderful place that only offers you the “Llano”.

My invitation to you is to go there, know about the culture and the important places, but also to know that is a city of lovely people that works for you to take the best of our land. 

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