Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wild Magic in the Amazon

By Jhon Milton Arévalo Locarno (3rd semester Economics student, Level 4 English)

If you are Colombian or a foreigner with plans to visit this incredible country, you cannot say that you have been to Colombia if you have not visited this charming place.

Colombia has grown in recent years, and now its cities, towns and villages have a personality that attracts more and more tourists. Nevertheless, sometimes not even Colombian people know many wonderful places in the country.

Now the star is Leticia, an unexplored place with strange and delicious food, extreme activities for everyone and many secrets for adventurers. If you like to dance and you always wanted to learn how to do the “samba” maybe this small city could be the best place in Colombia to learn.

Leticia is amazing but the real charm of the Amazon is its river, its skies and its people. Just because of these things, I am sure that Leticia will leave you speechless, particularly if you are young because every night the music, food, dance and a magical show of stars take over the streets and bridges. On the other hand, if you enjoy something more mature and easy-going, the city also offers some places to learn more about the culture.

You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the morning, eat delicious traditional food for lunch and go to look at the sky at night. You can be sure of one thing: Leticia always has something for you.
In this paradise, you can always visit the river and see piranhas and pink dolphins but if you want something more extreme, I recommend you pay for a tour of Monkey Island. This is an incredible island with thousands of monkeys. Take care though, because they can steal everything you carry!

This city is not always on the top lists of places in Colombia, but you are invited to swim with dolphins, drink carambola juice and live the first great day of the rest of your life here!

I am sure that if you take my advice you will experience a great moment in your life. Just give this city a chance, and try other flavours, other experiences, and another life.

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