Thursday, 4 May 2017

Level 1 Student Shorts

We’re very lucky for this 20th issue of Ink to have some great pieces from level 1 English students. Remember that Ink magazine is open to all levels of English, and we’re always happy to receive your ideas!
The everyday life of a bad freshman
By Camilo Andres Cortes Beltran (1st semester Accountancy student, level 1 English)
The freshman gets up early and sad. He takes a shower and then gets dressed. He leaves at half past five and takes the bus at six o' clock. He arrives at the university at seven fifteen. He usually arrives late to his first class. He sleeps in the first class for two hours, then gets up and goes to the hammocks. He sleeps two more hours and then he wakes up happy and goes to the antenna to spend time with his friends until one o' clock. Then he goes to lunch because he is hungry. He does not attend English class and he goes home at two o' clock.

His absence
By Daysa L. Camargo Peñaranda (1st semester Economics student, level 1 English)

I get up every day with the illusion of seeing you, but you aren't here. I want to hold you, kiss you, see your smile, your eyes and feel safe in your arms; I can’t help living without you. I'm waiting for your arrival and the day my soul finally feels complete.

When Streets Speak
By Angie Melisa Reyes Betancur (2nd semester Social Communication student, level 1 student)

These photos were taken in La Candelaria. This is a beautiful colonial place that sends you into the history of old Bogotá. The streets speak about love, passion and happiness. In every photo that is taken in this place, the photographer tries to show every feeling that these streets keep in their walls. 

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